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Disputing a Will – Mediation Stotfold

What is a will?
A will is a document written by somebody who decides how they want their property and belongings passed out after they die. Disputing a Will – Mediation Stotfold is possible and this is what we will be talking about.
What is Mediation?
Mediation Stotfold is a way of disputing something without having to go to court. It uses somebody known as a mediator to make the two sides come to an agreement. The mediator is completely unbiased and does not make a final decision, but instead, the mediator tries to talk the two parties into an agreement. The way in which this happens is by the two opposing parties join with the mediator in the meeting room and the process begins.

Reasons for disputing a will

  • A lack of valid execution
  • Somebody may believe that they part own or own the property
  • The will provided is fraudulent
  • A claim on construction
  • A lack of approval and knowledge

Disputing a will – Mediation
Disputing a will using mediation is possibly the best way to solve the case as it is easier and the two sides reach an agreement. In the mediation, the two parties present their argument for a short amount of time, in the 45-minute session. Stats show that mediation works 90 per cent of the time without having to go to a further trial.

When can mediation not be used
Sometimes mediation cannot be used because of certain reasons, some of these are:

  • An important law has been broken and it needs to be tested
  • Discussions between the opposing groups are progressing
  • The decision needs to be made immediately

Fortunately, there are experienced professionals to help you with Disputing a Will – Mediation, as seen in the list above and it is proven to be very effective in many situations.

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